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A Young Woman Steals Her Old Uncle To Go Play The Lottery

Sometimes things can get out of hand with people who tend to push the game a little too far. This can cause big trouble, including very serious family and legal problems.

An 84-year-old man paid the price. Having absolute trust in her niece, pregnant and mother of a child. He would never have doubted that a member of his own family could betray him to a point he never imagined. A gambling addict woman grabbed her own uncle’s money so she could play the lottery games. This mother is said to have visited the bank several times in order to obtain the savings and retirement funds of this old man.

The man, sick and very old, had been in a retirement home for many years in order to rest. He used to give his total confidence to his niece who took the opportunity to go play the lotto by accessing grandpa’s account.

The man had worked his whole life to have managed to put so much savings aside to pay for his retirement. Almost 141,000 euros in savings in total. A very large sum.

Surprised in the act, the young woman claims to have borrowed only 30,000 euros in total. The evidence overwhelming him, however, shows the opposite. According to the judicial authorities, she would have squandered everything leaving nothing in the accounts.

According to the investigations, the young woman never realized the extent and the damage she caused. The young woman has apologized and admits having had uncontrolled tendencies and having a hold on the game. Pregnant, the day she started to play, she thinks that the hormones would have made her do anything. According to an investigation, the young mother would have stolen nearly 10,000 pounds sterling per day or 11,200 euros. We probably do not know what went through the mind of this young lady. But the damage is done.

“ […] She took a long time to realize that what she was doing was abnormal, after having questioned him several times, you still feel that she wants to correct her mistakes. ”Said the police officer in charge of the case.

The case was tried in a court which delivered its verdict at the beginning of this June. The police who went to the health establishment had informed the 80-year-old man a few weeks before, telling him that he was in debt of 11,000 euros. Sadly, a few weeks later, the man died in his bedroom.

Before her death, he mentioned that he was very shocked by the irresponsible behavior of his niece, however he added that he did not wish to prosecute her in court. The judge in charge of the case took this man’s requests into account. It will therefore not be prosecuted judicially, but will nevertheless have to return the debtor money borrowed by the bank, ie the sum of 11,000 euros.

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